Starting Monday, foreigners with HIV-AIDS will be able to travel or immigrate to the United States without having to get a waiver from the Department of Homeland Security.hivhouse

Earlier today President Obama eliminated a travel ban that had been in place since 1993, forbidding people with HIV-AIDS from traveling to the US.  “If we want to be the global leader in combating HIV/AIDS, we need to act like it,” Obama said.

The President announced the repeal of the ban in a ceremony marking the fourth re-authorization of the Ryan White CARE Act, legislation that provides treatment for low-income HIV/AIDS victims. The legislation was named after the Indiana teenager who contracted HIV from a blood transfusion in 1984.

Here’s some more travel news you can use:
  • Bloomberg reports that Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and other U.S. carriers have raised round-trip domestic fares by as much as $10, the third such increase in three weeks.  The increase yesterday included some sales on non-peak travel dates around the U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  It’s the sixth boost in fares this year.  U.S. carriers have been raising prices to help offset increasing jet-fuel costs and capture more revenue from business travelers, who are starting to return as the recession eases. Yields, or airlines’ average fare per mile, have fallen each month since November 2008.
  • For five days only, travelers can get flights between Los Angeles or San Francisco and Auckland starting at $349 each way as part of an “early-bird New Zealand sale” from Qantas Vacations.  Jen Leo from the Los Angeles Times’ Daily Travel & Deal Blog gives her assessment of the deal here.
  • United Airlines is giving Dave Carroll way more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame.  Carroll, a YouTube sensation when he wrote and performed “United Breaks Guitars” after baggage handlers busted his Taylor and United wouldn’t pay for a new one, is in the news again.  According to this CBC report, United lost Carroll’s luggage on a Sunday flight from Regina, Saskatchewan, to Denver. The singer-songwriter was traveling to Colorado Springs to deliver a keynote speech on customer service (of all things) – and United was the only airline offering a direct flight.  He was eventually reunited with his bag on Wednesday, but he is now planning another song / video:

“I’m pretty sure I’m done the song — I just finished it last week. The lyrics that I used sort of encompass what happened here this week so I might not have to rewrite it after all,” he said.