flying circusWhen are some people going to realize that airline and airport security are not messing around!?  Given the current climate, it’s not a good idea to get unruly anywhere near an airport or on a plane.  Yet, today we hear of two more flights that have been diverted because of jackass-like behavior.

An AirTran flight from ATL to SFO was diverted to Colorado today due to to an intoxicated passenger who became unruly and locked himself in the bathroom.  Two F-16 fighter planes were deployed by NORAD to escort the flight to Colorado Springs Airport.

Meanwhile, a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu was diverted to Los Angeles early this morning after a man began harassing a woman on board.  The male passenger was removed from the flight and the flight resumed to Honolulu an hour and 10 minutes later.

Passengers arriving in Honolulu said the plane was already over the Pacific Ocean when the pilot announced that they would be landing in Los Angeles.  Some said a flight attendant told passengers that a sex assault had taken place aboard the plane.

Here’s some more travel news you can use:

  • Don’t think X-ray machines, metal detectors and body scanners are enough at airport security checkpoints?  Well how about the use of mind-reading technology?  (Image of evil scientist wringing hands inserted here.)  It’s actually one idea that security experts are considering according to the Associated Press.  A network of high-tech machines that are able to analyze body language and read minds is apparently under development and could soon be used at an airport near you.
  • Of course, if you’re of celebrity status, all this airport security stuff doesn’t really apply.  Just ask Halle Berry.  She and her boyfriend, Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, and their child, were recently led to the front of the security line at a Montreal airport this week, while other passengers waited more than an hour.  Oh, mon Dieu!