hotel pricesToday we announced that we have integrated hotel search results from that will enable you to track hotel prices on a much broader selection of properties. Using Yapta’s enhanced hotel rate tracking service, you can now monitor pricing on over 196,000 domestic and international properties and be alerted via email when prices drop.

Unlike “opaque” accommodation booking services that don’t allow you to see the specific hotel property you’re bidding on, Yapta enables you to designate the hotel you’re most interested in and be automatically alerted when the rate drops — or when it reaches a desired price point. Yapta diligently checks for the lowest published rate of a tracked hotel and reports decreases to you with a custom email that links you to the savings opportunity.

If you’re planning an upcoming trip, give Yapta’s hotel rate tracking service a try.  It can help you save a bundle.  Based on our data, travelers tracking hotel prices more than 30 days in advance of booking save between $50 – $60 on average.  (Again, that’s savings in the form of an email that alerts you to a lower available rate, not a refund.)  However, fear not travel planning procrastinators.  Travelers tracking hotel rates for fewer than 30 days save between $30 – $40 on average.