For some time now, we’ve received substantial interest in our price tracking technology – from independent developers and travel startups to online travel agencies, credit card companies and travel suppliers.  Well, today we’re pleased to announce the availability of our APIs that enable developers to integrate our core price tracking technology into their mobile and software applications or websites.  Yapta’s Airfare Price Tracking APIs are available as part of a beta program for third-party developers.  Developers can apply to be a part of the Yapta API beta program through a simple registration at http://developer.yapta.com.

Our price tracking APIs enable applications to track pricing on specific flights offered from hundreds of airlines around the world.  Flight prices can be monitored both before purchase – in an effort to help travelers buy at the lowest price – and after purchase, in an effort to help travelers capture an airline refund when the price drops.

These are the only APIs for airfare price tracking in the travel industry – so it will be interesting to see what spawns from the beta program and where the technology gets applied.  After all, there’s certainly no shortage of innovators in the travel space.

More information is available at http://developer.yapta.com.