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Apparently Victoria isn’t the only one keeping a secret when it comes to underwear.  There’s a new apparel line called ScannerShirts.com that’s selling t-shirts and underwear with strategically placed patriotic emblems made of special ink that blurs out a person’s private parts when going through full-body scans at the airport.  While the company is keeping their magic ink a trade secret, it’s proving to be quite effective.  The company reports that its customers who wore shirts through security checkpoints at airports over the holiday got through without any problems.

T-shirts and briefs for women are $14.99, while the guys can get their wears for $15.99 – shipping included.  Order some today and get your scan on!

Here’s some more travel news you can use:

  • With airfares hanging high these days, the New York Times recently published an article discussing ”11 strategies — and some useful Web sites — to help you save on travel this year.”  And yes, using Yapta is one of them.  Boy, the folks at the Grey Lady sure are smart.
  • A United Airlines pilot flying flight 940 from Chicago to Frankfurt accidentally spilled a cup of coffee onto the communications panel in the cockpit and triggered a “code 7500″, which indicates that the plane is being hijacked. It’s not clear whether the equipment malfunctioned and sent the code or the pilot, likely struggling with a scalded lap, fat-fingered things on the panel. Either way, the flight diverted to Toronto and, rather tragically, the passengers were all sent back to Chicago to try again the next day.