Yapta.com today announced a unique social feature that allows travelers to flaunt their airfare or hotel savings on Facebook – and point their friends to a potential travel deal.

Hundreds-of-thousands of travelers currently use Yapta to track airfare and hotel prices and to be alerted to savings when their select flights or hotels drop in price. With Yapta’s introduction of Frugal Travel Flaunts, travelers can now choose to flaunt their savings on Facebook once they’ve acted on an alert and booked at a reduced price – or when they’re alerted to a refund or credit from their airline on purchased tickets that have dropped in price.

Yapta members with a Facebook account can post their Frugal Travel Flaunts on their Wall and have friends see them in their news feed.  The flaunts consist of short messages such as, “I found a $116 refund by tracking price drops on a purchased flight with Yapta,” or, “I saved 20% on a flight to Chicago by tracking price drops with Yapta.”  Yapta members simply click the “Share with my Facebook friends” button that appears on your “MyTrips” account page.

It gives travelers an opportunity to celebrate on Facebook when they’ve scored a great deal on a particular flight or hotel – or when they’re credited on an airline ticket that they’ve already booked. It also has the potential to help travelers spotlight a deal for their friends on Facebook who may have an interest in the same trip.After all, a friend who can find travel deals for you is a friend worth keeping.

Additionally,travelers can now also use Yapta to post the trips they’re planning on Facebook.  Whether traveling for business or leisure, sharing travel plans on Facebook can lead to meet-up and networking opportunities or valuable travel tips on places to stay, eat and explore.

Quick Review of When & How to “Flaunt” on Facebook from Yapta.com:

1. When an airline ticket that you’ve already purchased drops in price, Yapta will alert you when you’re eligible for a travel credit from the airline.  The email alert we send drives you to the “MyTrips”
page on our site for all the credit & flight information.  It’s from that MyTrips page where you can “Share with my Facebook friends”.

2.  When the price of a flight or hotel that you’re tracking (not purchased) drops in price, Yapta will alert you when you can book at a lower price.  The email alert we send drives you to the “MyTrips” page on Yapta.com where we would help you kick off the booking process.  The MyTrips page is where you’ll find “Share with my Facebook friends.”

3.  If you simply track a flight or hotel on Yapta, you’ll have the option to “Share with my Facbook friends” from the “MyTrips” page that captures all tracked flights.  This will simply share the fact that you’re planning a trip to Chicago (for instance).

Questions?  Contact us at info@yapta.com