Yapta is proud to announce the “Nine Months of Paradise by Marriott“Sweepstakes where we’re giving away 15 prizes every month for 9 months,including Grand Prize packages from Marriott & Renaissance Caribbean and Mexico Resorts, a 1-year Clear Pass, the fast pass for airport security, and Starbucks gift cards.Becoming eligible for the Sweepstakes is easy.  All you have to do isvisit Yapta.com during each month and track the airfare on any flightand Yapta will present you with the opportunity to participatein each monthly drawing.  You can increase your chances of winning bytracking up to 25 flights each month to receive the maximum 25 entriesinto the sweepstakes.

Don’t think you can actually win?  Well, that’s what Emily Lakin from San Francisco, CA and Jan Walker from Springfield, MO thought before they each took home a grand prize in our previous sweepstakes contests.

Here’s some other travel news you can use:

*  The Wall Street Journal reports that, “CheapTickets.com will permanently remove booking fees on flights,becoming the latest online travel seller to do so as the industry triesto capture more business from airlines’ Web sites amid a prolongedslump in the travel sector.”

*  Benjamin O’Dell, the Central Pennsylvania Travel Examiner, writes that JetAmerica’s $9 flights are indeed too good to be true. “Many critics have pointed out that JetAmerica’s $9 airfare only appliesto the first wave of tickets sold for each flight, typically the firstdozen.  Most fares will cost somewhere between $49 and $79 and all willcarry the ubiquitous fees that airlines have grown increasingly fond ofinitiating for services that were once considered standard on Americanflights.  In this sense, while still affordable, JetAmerica’s rates arenot a radical departure from the fares set by other industry playerssuch as Northwest Airlines and Delta.”

*  Mark Malkoff, a comedian often appearing on “The Colbert Report”, is living on an AirTran plane for an entire month in order to get over his fear of flying.  This is the same dude who lived at IKEA for a week and visited all 171 Starbucks in Manhattan in 24 hours.  You can peek in on his experience here: http://www.markonairtran.com/Public/Main.aspx

*  The Daily Beauty Reporter blogfrom Allure magazine (a must-read for Aaron here at Yapta) poses thefollowing question: “Is the TSA Getting Gorgeous on Your Dime?”  Well,apparently they are whenever you dispose of your expensive cosmetics atTSA check-points.  It ain’t easy traveling pretty.