It was only a week ago when Yapta announced it was able to track airfare priceson 5 additional international airlines – including Qantas Airways,Korean Air, Emirates, El Al Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.  Well, the Yapta engineers have been en fuego and today have rolled out 5 more international airlines: Aeromexico, Air Jamaica, China Airlines, Air New Zealand and Air India.

In total,Yapta can now track pricing on 22 international airlines and 13U.S.-based airlines – all in effort to help you get the best deal onyour airfare.

Here’s some more travel news you can use:

* Starting today, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) willstart to implement its Secure Flight passenger identification programby requiring airline passengers to enter their full name — exactly asit appears on their passport or government issued identification theywill be traveling with — when making any flight reservations.

Forexample, if the driver’s license or passport lists the passenger’s nameas “John William Smith” you should reserve your flight under “JohnWilliam Smith” not “John Smith” or “John W. Smith.”

In thesecond phase of the Secure Flight program, which begins on August 15,passengers will also be required to enter their date of birth, genderand watch-list redress number (if it applies) when booking airlineflights.

I don’t know about you, but I feel safer already. (wink)

* Air New Zealand has just launched anew ad campaign called “Nothing to Hide.” The ad features a number of airline employees “dressed” in nothing but body paint. According to The Boston Globe, Rob Fyfe, the CEO of Air New Zealand, reportedly makes a cameo as one of those in body paint.

As if that weren’t enough, The Globe also reports that Air New Zealand is also shopping a singles-only Matchmaking Flight – from Los Angeles to Auckalnd, New Zealand – in October with round-trip fares starting at $780.  There will be a preflight gate party; food,drinks, and games throughout; and a party at the Skycity ConventionCentre in Auckland after you land.  The carrier also has set up a website,, where passengers can upload a personal profile and start connecting before the flight.