There's some good news if you're currently planning to travel internationally.  Yapta is now able to track airfare prices on 5 additional international airlines – including Qantas Airways,Korean Air, Emirates, El Al Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.  In total,Yapta can now track pricing on 17 international airlines and 13U.S.-based airlines – all in effort to help you get the best deal onyour airfare.

There's also good news if you've already booked a fight on Virgin America.  The airline is now allowing its passengers to "re-book" their flight at a lower fare should the fare drop before departure.  This means that Yapta can now alert you when you'reeligible to claim a travel creditfrom Virgin America.  There is a $50 fee when re-booking on the airlinewebsite (and $75 when calling their reservation center) – but Yaptawill always take any fees into consideration before alerting you to available savings. 

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