One of the challenges with planning travel is the volume of changes to airline schedules. With the price of fuel rising this year and a turbulent market, airlines have been cutting flights and rearranging their schedules to cut costs. To get a sense of the scope of the changes check here -and to get a sense of how it impacts fliers you can read this article.

When an airline changes its schedule travelers might find changes to one or more of the legs of their trip. The changes can range from minor time changes all the way to flight cancellations. Yapta customers can get hit by schedule changes like everyone who flies. If the flight change is serious enough you might find your flight labeled with the dreaded “untrackable“on Yapta. We hate seeing this word on our web site as much as you do because it means that the itinerary you saved has changed in a way that we can no longer track. To help you out, we are starting a new program this week to help you adapt to flight schedule changes. If you are tracking a purchased ticket that has gone “untrackable” we are going to use your confirmation number to get the updated information so we can continue price tracking.  If you have not purchased your ticket yet, we are going to use your preferences tofind a few flights that match your original as closely as possible for tracking and send an e-mail letting you know about them. Of course, we can only e-mail you if you have confirmed your e-mail address with us.

As an aside, when talking about this internally we refer tountrackable trips as “bad trips“, and yes, we get that this has lots of connotations.